Not "Just The Other Woman"

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October 21, 2006 9:38am CST
This is an excerpt from my published book. I have been doing a study about extramarital affairs . Please tell me what you think! She watched him as he walked away. He was tall, dark and very handsome. The deep sound of his voice remained fresh in her mind. The way that he tilted his head whenever she talked to him made her heart melt. He always gave her his undivided attention. This was the man of her dreams. She was very much in love with him, and he was very much in love with her. They had just spent the night together. It was thier first time spending the entire night in the same room, making love for hours. He was an excellent lover. Very passionate. He took his time and explored every part of her body. She willingly gave in to his desires, losing herself in his arms. His kisses were passionate and strong. Every movement that he made inside of her body told her how much that he wanted her and loved her. She opened up her body freely to receive all of the intimate sensations that he had to offer. He was strong and big. All that a woman ever dreamed of in a lover. She wanted to wrap herself around him forever.. He wanted to please her and satisfy her. Her moans and soft whispers told him how much he was satisfying her needs. She could not get enough of what he was giving. He did not want to stop giving her something that she could feel. He wanted her to know that his love was real. They rested in each others arms. He told her how much that he loved her. She placed her head on his chest as he embraced her in his arms. She felt so safe and protected whenever she was with him. He felt loved and complete whenever he was with her. If there were ever two people in the world who were meant to be together, it was the two of them. She loved him more than he had ever loved any man before him.. He loved her more than she could even imagine. She was the younger woman. He was the slightly older man. She was a wife and mother. He was a husband and father . They both were married to someone else. Soon, they would have to leave their bed of passion and return to their real lives. She did not want to leave him. He did not want to leave her. But, this was something that they both knew that they had to do. He wanted to take her luggage to her car. She declined. He wanted to take care of her and make sure that she was safe. She assured him that she would be fine. He kissed her good bye, holding her in his arms a longer than expected. He walked away. He was not only her lover, but her very best friend. He was not just the "other man," and she was not just the "other woman". They were two people who had fallen deeply in love and just happened to be married to someone else. She watched him turn around and look back at her. Her heart was aching for him. His heart ached for her. She wanted to tell him to come back and stay a little while longer. He wanted to turn around and go back to her so that he could stay a little while longer. They both knew that a "little while longer" could never be forever. Then she watched him as he walked away. This is an excert from one of my published books. Tell me what you think! (c) Evelyn James
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27 Nov 06
Same with me....