For those interested, I actually found a fun site to make money!!

United States
April 29, 2007 8:22pm CST
Okay, so apparently you can't put in referrals in your postings or MyLot deletes them. I owe all of you an appology for the discussion I started yesterday where I listed both good and bad sites with my referral link. However, I've found another site that I have to share with you. Now I haven't made money yet as I just started it today--so I'm still in trial mode), however I already have $14.70 in confirmed earnings and over $10 in pending earnings. I earned all of that in one day without having to pay a penny! The really cool thing is that this site is actually fun. It's got this army theme, and in addition to making money, you earn points where you can buy ammunition and launch "attacks" on other members to steal their points. Note that all earnings can't be stolen (thank goodness!), just the points. Oh, but you can also buy defensive things in order to protect your points from others. So the more protection you have around your empire, the more likely you're attacks will be successful and others' attacks against you will not. It's a lot of fun with offers that cost nothing, and others that require a credit card for trial versions (the offers that require a credit card generally pay $15-$70 for completing them). It's possible to make quite a bit of money without having to use your credit card. I made all of the money mentioned above without having to enter a credit card. That's what makes this site different from Vinale or Panda Research. I'm not trying to be some slimy spammer and not give you the website. I don't want to get in trouble again, so if you're interested in this website, view my profile page. The website is listed there. Or feel free to send me a message, and I'll send you the link. Sorry to make you go the extra step, but I'm trying to follow the rules! Once I get paid, I'll update this post so that we can move this site from trial to successful paying site!
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