Stress!!! Just wondering how you would deal with all of this?!

@cherhost (1073)
United States
April 29, 2007 8:22pm CST
Hey guys! I have a good one for you all! So a few months back I wrote about a friend who went through the IVF process. Well she is preggo! It is a great thing. But just recently she just up and left her husband. I am not upset about her actions of that because I do not know what really went on. But we were suppose to be very close friends. We talked about things all that time. But they went home to see their families... (we are military) before he deploys. She never came back. He is not wearing his ring anymore and is telling us that he needs to get storage and all of that. Then a little while after that I get a call from her telling me that she needs her space. And that she will be back! Ok space... hmmmm we have 15 months of space coming to us. We only have a few short weeks left with them. Actually it is about one week. But either here nor there... I asked her is she was moving. She told me no and that she will be home soon. I called her and then wrote her an email telling her that I am here for her and all that. I also wanted to know how she was feeling and stuff that a frined is suppose to do. So now here is where I need advice. I have not heard from her or even talked to her in a while. I am upset about this because we actually helped her out with the whole baby thing and even gave tehm a few bucks to help out. I guess I am just upset that she has pushed me out of her life. I dont agree with her at all about things... and I was just wondering how you would deal with this... would you be upset??? I told myslef that I would never be the same with her just because of all the lies. My feelings are crushed here. Now not to mention my hubby is going to leave me soon now I am all worried about her and that baby. Andy help would be much appreciated. Thanks guys:) :)
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