is patience really a virtue?

April 29, 2007 9:49pm CST
at a restaurant, i notice that people are getting their meals served first even though i was the one who first ordered. sometimes, i get so huffy about this but then i realize that there may be a reason why that is happening, a reason which is not supposed to be huffy about. i realized that patience is really a virtue because sometimes, people just tend to jump to conlcusions and just get mad or irritated right away. who knows? maybe my food took longer time to cook than their food right? :)
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21 Dec 07
i'm in your shoes sometime.i just hold the view my food is delicious so it takes much more time to cook,then i feel better,and have my meal in a good mood. i really take the patience as a virtue.for my experience,it may get things from bad to worse when you don't be patient.everyday i have to be in a queue to get my lunch,then i had better to take pains for my meal.should i not to be patient?
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20 Dec 07
Right. Maybe yours fell on the floor and they didn't want to give it to you so they had to make a new meal. lol. They don't want the other persons food to sit around and wait or they would have more complaints. Yes, patience it good. Good comes to those who wait...right?
@dopey22girl (3326)
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30 Apr 07
I think that patience is a virtue. Mostly because when you become impatient, you get stressed, and it is never good to get stressed. Stress is a health concern, and can physically hurt you. It can lead to health problems, and I think a lot of people don't realize that. Unfortunately, I am not a very patient person, and I wish I was because I think it would make life easier!