People complain: Which one would you prefer Hot (Summer) Season or Cold Season?

@zjenikka (292)
April 30, 2007 12:06am CST
I know that there are many spices of seasons in a country and so with other countries. But I am so confuse with people as to what they really want because they are complaining every now and then. If it is cold season they complain that it is very cold. And if it is rainy season, they complain because tey get wet. And if it is hot or summer season they complain because it is too hot they cannot take it and that they perspire a lot and they get sun stroke or the skin get break outs. How about you? Which one would you prefer? Hot/Summer Season? or Cold/Rainy Season?
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• Philippines
30 Apr 07
here in the Philippines, we have two seasons namely: summer(hot) and rainy(cold) season. i hate summer because its too hot, my migraine is always attacking me. and i cant go out because i feel my skin will burn out. i cant move because am persperising. and hot season will cost you much because youll get to buy cold drink more often, use aircons, on electric fans for 24hours, take a bath more than thrice a day. rainy season is what i like best though some says they hate this season because its a messy going out because its always raining, floors are always wet. but i love this season. you get to use electric fans only a few hours, aircons are not on, you get to stay at home because its raining outside lol. and its nice to sleep and rest at this season lol. takecare.
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• Singapore
30 Apr 07
I think ideally I would love the cool season the most. Neither too hot nor too cold. Hence, I would prefer early spring or early autumn. It would be best if the temperature stays around 22 to 25 deg C. In that way, I wouldn't have to wear too many pieces of clothes to keep warm and yet it's still cool enough for me to enjoy the great outdoors without sweating too much! :)
• United States
30 Apr 07
lol i am not one of those people, i easily tell you i love cold rainy seasons especially when there is thunder, when the sun comes out you will see me complaining and being cranky which is why i hate summer, i mean i like summer nights bit i can't stand the sun, and not once out of my mouth will you hear i wish it was summer, because i dont
• United States
30 Apr 07
I live in the S.W. US where the summers are long and hot and the the winters are short and moderate. I grew up in the N.E. US where the winters were brrrrrrrrrr cold. I prefer the heat. I do enjoy the (short)rainy season here though.