Why do good people die earlier?

April 30, 2007 12:35am CST
It has been an agony for me this pass few days....why do good people die earlier? Just that a 2nd father to me die in a cardiac arrest. It has been painful until now, I never expected it will happen as early. His to healthy to die, no diagnosed sickness. But it happened. Maybe it's God's time and has purpose for letting him go. But the near fact, I've hardly seeing his on a coffin. I still remember him alive. Maybe in God's time my heart will be heal and overcome what happened. I look up to him with regards to his traits. His to good in terms of being a figure father and great provider, though having some weak plauses, I understand it for our own good. Now that his gone, we'll eventually recapitulate everything he imparted for the sake of his sincerity to have us a good life. Have shared coz' it's been a part and an outlet for me doing this and also be back the real me. I'm still at state of mourning..... Have some thought's about this????
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• Philippines
30 Apr 07
So sad to hear about your lost Shekaina. I don't know if most of the good people die earlier. Because, I always bear in mind that if it's God's will, it was the right time. And it will give them Peace when you accept it with an open heart. It's not easy I know. But just think that especially he was a good person, he is in a better place now. My sincere condolences Shekaina. (^^,)