Don't Judge A Book by Its Cover

book - dnt judge a book by its cover
April 30, 2007 4:02am CST
Sometimes i feel like a book on a shelf Standing alone, I am all by myself. People walk by just to pick me up and use me... Or just throw me down and hit or abuse me. Their cares are my cover, or eye-catching title, My contents and pages to them are not vital. They couldn't care less if i'm torn deep inside... Just stroll right by with a strut or a stride. I want to just scream to let it all out I wish they could see what i'm really about. I wouldn't care who is dumb or who's smart. I would open to each with all of my heart. Why is our world so hung up on appearances?Why do we insist on judging people by their "covers" and never bother to find out what they're really about? Why do we raise our noses when we pass by someone who is dressed wrong? Why do we ignore someone's answer to a question because of the way she talks?Why do we pretend not to see the guy with the glasses and the pocket protector? Why are we so insecure about ourselves that we have to make an outcast of anyone who is different? First SAmuel 16:7 says that God does not judge by outward appearance; He looks at the heart.Why can't we learn to do the same thing? It seems ridiculous that will people will shun some guy because he is "too tall" or "too skinny" or "too short" or "not muscular enough"--but it happens a lot. And girls are discarded because they're "too flat," "too tall," "too chubby," "too skinny." This kind of judgement happens at school and at church. It influences our decisions on who gets to join clubs, who gets to be a cheerleader or the class president. But it gets really bad when we start looking for people to date or even to marry. I may be prejudiced here, but I see it happen more with guys than with girls. I know, you guys are more visually oriented, and i can't completely understand that. But if you base your opinion of a girl's value solely on the way she looks, you are being deceived. There are tons of women who can get operations, starve themselves, get their hair dyed, and so on. Goodlooking women aren't that hard to find!But it can be very difficult to find a woman who truly has a heart for GOD.You cannot go out and buy one of those. If you pass up a girl because she does not fit your blonde-haired, blue-eyed, perfect mold, then you may end up the loser. But women do this too! If we are passing guys off just because they do not work out enough or because they cannot gain weight or because they have a crazy-looing ahircut,then we're not being shallow and superficial, but we may be missing out on someone great. I'm tired of seeing it happen. I am tired of catching myself doing it, and I am tired of having others do it to me. If appearances are what we value in others, then we might as well give up on human beings and spend our time playing with Barbie & Ken dolls! If we only love at surface level, we'll always hace a loneliness inside because we'll never learn to connect with others on a deeper level. I'm not just talking about the way we judge others. Learning to value love also means learning to accept OURSELVES just as we are. To value our "contents" as well as our "cover" and work to be beautiful on the inside as well on the outside. After all, the person inside is the person God loves. And HE judges our lives by the book,not by the cover!-charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman(or a man) who fears the LORD, she (he) shall be praised.- proverbs 31:30
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