Dante Aligheri: Sad Florentine

@mdee16 (36)
United States
April 30, 2007 4:14am CST
If you have ever visited the beautiful city of Florence (Firenze) and crossed the Ponte Vecchio, (Old Bridge) no doubt you have seen, in your mind's eye at least, the ghost of one of its most famous and gifted citizens, Dante Aligheri. Today he and his literary works are all but worshipped, and yet during his lifetime he was banned from the city of his birth because of his radical political views. He dared to stand up to the all-powerful Catholic Church, which he dearly loved and could not bear to see falling into the fray of corruption and greed. And so he was forced to leave his beloved Firenze and live in exile. Still, his essence is everywhere along the charming narrow streets and in the exquisite churches and buildings that adorn this incredible historic city. Have YOU been there? Please share
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