Things making FILIPINOS unique...

@tombiz (2039)
April 30, 2007 7:38am CST
Filipinos are known to have a unique culture -- a culture which is a product of centuries under the yoke of foreign powers (Spanish, american, Japanese) resulting itno what can be called a "chopsuey" culture -- everything you want is here! We are known to be peace-loving and gentle people, who could have a smile even under a heavy disaster, we are a people who really love families (even extended ones), we are so friendly so that we have a unique hospitable brand, we are also a people who are willing to suffer even if deceived by our own fellowmen. We are indeed unique and this uniqueness could serve us well in this age of informations and travel. In fact, this could be our saleable trademark for the whole world. What do you think are the traits making us Filipinos so unique? Please share if you are a Filipino.
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• India
11 May 07
sorry i dont hav idea
• United States
1 May 07
For me, it can't be denied that we are a strong brand of people. Why? Philippines is the nesting place of natural disasters -- earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding, typhoons, etc. Still, despite all these, we still stand beyond these uncontrollable circumstances and rise above the difficulties -- strong as ever. It is even amazing to note that many homeless people or those who live in the shanties are actually very happy with the little that they have, and have learned to survive all the difficulties and to tighten their belts. Those things, for me, are what make us truly Pinoy. Happy myLotting!
@RookRocks (384)
• Philippines
30 Apr 07
My sociology professor at the start of the sem asked, "Is there a core filipino self? Or are we merely amalgams of different cultures, filipino tribal culture included?" It's a discussion that turned into a debate. I think this is relevant in the sense that if there is such a thing as a core-filipino self, then that means that there are things unique merely to us filipinos. But, if the case is that we are merely a combination of different cultures, then what we have are copies of other countries' culture -- merely contextualized and made into our own. I for one believe that there is such a thing as a core filipino, although what it is has long been covered, combined, synthesized by all influences that shaped our identity. Because regardless of differences in economic, political, geographical, religious, physical characterisics, we filipinos can still recognize each other, even when on different soil. We still feel the pull of companionship with our fellow filipinos, the longing for our homeland when abroad. Such emotions can only be attributable to that part of our selves that remain constant, that exist in the hearts of every filipino. There is really not much empirical basis. Only a "feeling."
@cherylmae (173)
• Philippines
30 Apr 07
we're english speakers, has asian features, and has spanish family names.. how cool is that? unlike neighboring countries in asia, they're afraid of using the web because they do not understand english.. how many koreans or japanese or even malaysians do blogs in english?
@psyche49f (2511)
• Philippines
30 Apr 07
I agree with you, on top of those which you mentioned, Filipinos are unique because they are adaptable, flexible, and are "pliant like a bamboo". We are known to laugh even amidst misfortunes, and are the only people who are found in almost all continents of the world! We are also known as the text capital of the world as we are really fond of cellphones and texting. We are also known to have broken the world record on having the most number offriendster accounts, and are known for fiestas, festivals, calesas, pedicabs, sorbetes, pancit luglug, jeepneys, processions, etc. Only in the Philippines!