CSI: New York --- Danny falls for Montana

April 30, 2007 9:35am CST
I kindda saw this coming. With all the tension and admiring eyes exchanged between the two of them, I knew Danny was getting more and more interested with the Montana girl. Frankly, I don't like Montana and I think she's a bit weak. What about you? Any thoughts on this newly developed attraction?
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• United States
30 Apr 07
Awwww, I like Montana, I think she is cute! I think her and Danny would make a good pair.
@jencie (13)
• United States
26 Jun 07
I think they're very cute together. I was upset when he was trying to get her to go out and she kept shooting him down. It's about time they gave Danny a girlfriend!!
• Philippines
11 Jun 07
sigh! danny & lindsay look good together. its pretty obvious they have chemistry (not to mention they're already exposed to chemistry in the csi lab!) he makes fun of her, calls her montana, did double take when he saw her 1st time in a dress (where she came from the opera) & yet he held her close when things went wrong in lindsay's undercover... they still have a lot to discover before they get serious in snow day! btw, montana's not weak. she kicks butt & is very keen when it comes to details --- a trait mac taylor personally liked that made her under his radar before inviting her to join the team.
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
30 Apr 07
They're made for each other. She's not weak. What do you want a tough girl who beats everyone up and swears like a sailor, smokes and drinks? I doubt that Danny would go for that type and most men would not either. That attraction between Danny and Montana has been there from the beginning. It's just that she had watched her friends get murdered. I mean what would you be like after seeing that?