Should Salvia Divinorum be legal?

Salvia Divinorum - "Salvia divinorum is a sprawling perennial herb found in the Sierra Mazatec region of Mexico. It's leaves contain the extremely potent Salvinorin A. It has a history of buccal use as a divinatory psychedelic, and has been widely available since the mid 1990s primarily as a smoked herb. Its effects are considered unpleasant by many people."
@howhigh (758)
April 30, 2007 9:52am CST
It is an extremely potent plant that when smoked can take you to another world for about 15 minutes. Im canada it is easy to buy at many local convenience stores. This drug is psychologically more strong than weed and is up there with shrooms.. it is a very very intense feeling at the 40x extract level. There are maybe some issues about its legality what do you think?For more info check out thats the best resource for drugs that i've found
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@hellcord (675)
• Romania
13 Oct 08
Yes brother, a thousand times yes, our Salvia should be legal for all eternity :D I for one have taken my first trip with it about 4 months ago, on my birthday, and I consider it to be one of the most life-changing things that ever came my way. I am in the process of getting a live plant, so I can grow it with my own 2 hands. Some people use it improperly, in high noise, high light or social situations with too many people moving around, and they have bad trips. I have never had one, nor do I think I ever will, as I'm learning more and more about the altered states it brings. To me, this is one of the most amazing gifts coming from nature. I only wish more people would do it, the world would be a much better place. More art, more dancing, more tolerance, much more creativity. Personally, since starting out with Salvia, I've noticed the following: - much more flexible views, MUCH more tolerance to other people and ideas - HIGHLY increased interest in drawing, painting, visual expression in general - HIGHLY increased in rythm, dancing, mantras, written and spoken language and expression - increased interest in meditation, quiet, the inner dialogue that just escaped me before - clearer mental pictures, reminiscing of the strong Salvia-induced visuals, and many others So far I have not seen any negative effects from Salvia, it is not addictive, and really I see no basis for it ever becoming illegal, except perhaps the ignorance and baseless fears of lawmakers :D