Black death

United States
April 30, 2007 11:56am CST
A man was walking by a priest who was tending his rose garden. The man who was also a gardener stopw and ask the peiest what kind of problems that he has with his roses. The priest says that he has problems with "Black Death". The man was courous about this "Black Death"because he had never heard of it before. The pries expaained thet the "blsack Death" was caused by nuns with scissors.
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• Philippines
1 May 07
A man went to the doctor's. The doctor came in and said, "Well, I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that you have an inoperable brain tumor. The good news is our hospital has just been certified to do brain transplants and there has been an accident right out front and a young couple was killed and you can have whichever brain you'd like. The man's brain costs $100,000.00 and the woman's brain costs "30,000.00." The patient could not help but ask, "Why such a large difference between the male and the female brain?" The doctor replied, "The female brain is used."
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