can you clock a m3 wen you see 1

April 30, 2007 1:15pm CST
i ve got a bmw coupe 318i and was thinking of replacing the badge with a m3 badge and m3 alloy wheels. would you fall for it or not. and its quite fast as well.
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@Alfie1970 (257)
28 Mar 08
To 99% of people probably not, but to a keen eye deffinatly yes! To be honest the amount of money you'd spend making it look authentic, you'd be better of buying a real one although insurance may be a problem. Theres a guy near where I live who has a Renault Cleo that supposed to look like a Cleo Rally Turbo and I must admit it looks good, hes obviously spent alot of money on the car but there are two fundametal flaws with this car 1.Its right hand drive (the turbo is only avaliable left had drive) and 2. although the windows are darkend he hasnt taken out the rear seats (the turbo is a mid-engine car)! All the same Beemer 318i is a nice car and dressing it up aint gonna hurt is it :)
@clickn55 (13)
• United States
11 Jan 08
I had a 94 318 and my wife currently drives a 97 m3. My advice -- don't be a poser. The badges aren't going to fool anyone with any brains. You would need more than just the badges-- rims and various bodyparts would have to be changed. After you get done with all that you would need a supercharger to up the power to something respectable -- but still nowhere even CLOSE to an m3. After all that -- you would have had an m3. Last point -- if you do this people who know cars are going to feel sorry for you.
@shamanhot (137)
• Malaysia
8 May 07
I wouldn't fall for it. You will not get the M3 look completely. You need the skirting and also the back and front wheel flares. M3's are much wider and lower. Also, don't forget the very distinct M3 side air vents of the car. I think thats about it. Good luck with your modification!
• India
3 May 07
Hey it can never be as fast as a M3. But yea maybe no one will recognize it for what it isn't.
@domen_ (91)
• Slovenia
2 May 07
I don't know - probably I wouldn't notice any difference. I'm not that expert:). But recently I saw that someone from my village (yeah yeah, I don't live in a big city;) has an M3. Well it looks really good and it has those side air holes that other 3 series don't have (besides M3 alloy wheels).