I have decided to get a dog

April 30, 2007 1:58pm CST
I thought i would share the latest decision reached by my partner and myself. We are going to get a puppy! We live in a nice area with lots of parkland just out of our back gate, we love walking and the outdoors so a dog should be a really good companion. The only question is which type? We hate small yappy dogs, my partner doesn't want it to smell too badly, i don't want it to bark all the time, be able and willing to retrieve sticks; we both feel that it ought to be safe around children and the neighbours would be upset if it killed their unpleasant cat, even though it uses our garden for a toilet and kills teh birds that put food out for. It would be good if the dog would just scare the cat off. Thats about all our criteria. not too mad, not too small, not too big or smelly, just cute and fun loving. what sort of dog should we get? i'm all ears.
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@jennysp8 (855)
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30 Apr 07
haha. Well, I am certainly glad you know what you want in a dog (or don't want). Alot of people just jump right in and then regret their choice and send the poor pups to the pound. I really don't have an answer for as to what type of dog as I only take in Muts from pounds as they are least wanted by people. But I wanted to wish you luck on your dog search. Taking the time to research the different types of their dogs and their temperments will be work well done.
30 Apr 07
Thanks, we probably will go down the nearest dog pound when we have a better idea. Researching dogs has got to be more fulfilling then researching and ordering a new computer on line, which i did last week.