fate of indian cricket team

United Arab Emirates
April 30, 2007 2:14pm CST
what is the fate of indian cricket team considering the current situation and scenario... is politics going to corrupt the indian cricket also??
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• India
1 May 07
politics in the "board of cricket control in india" have always existed and it have tried to spoil the game of cricket .but it was the faith and love of the indian cricket lover which have kept the spirit of cricket in india always enlighted .and so i am fully assured and confident that indian cricket will once again overcome this unhealthy situation and condition and will bounce back and will renew it's image in the tour of bangladesh .there is a lots of talent in all over the country and what is needed is to give them a good infrastructure ,facilities,support,coaching from experts technician and former experienced cricketers.if they will get all these facilities then surely there talents will be improved and furnished and they can form a very good and very strong indian cricket team in future and can have the repotation australian team is having now a days.and all this can happen if the board will work properly and will provide all the facilities.
@vijiayyar (191)
• Ireland
1 May 07
I do not think that Indian cricket is finished or what? Indian team has been like this for years. They win a series in flying colours and in next they are roited. Again in the next won they flourish. So its not a big deal for guys. Its good that Greg Chappell is now off. India need a good coach now and ya it would be better if politics can stay away from this beautiful game. If only it could. Still I am very optimistic that Indian team will regroup and come out hard. So wait for it!!