April 30, 2007 6:47pm CST
Do you think it is rite for some one to have a abortion done? Are you against it or are you for it. Do you believe that it is there choice to have it done or do you think that there should be a law passed to make it illegal.?
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• Canada
1 May 07
In some places it is still considered illegal . I don't believe in abortion and would never be able to do it myself but realize there are situations that I have never gone through so am not able to judge them or what I would do in their situation as I have never gone though it . Such cases would be in rape cases . It is true that they could give the child up for adoption but no one knows unless they have been through this experience themselves what kind of trauma affect it could have on the woman who had to go through this for nine months on top of what she has already had to go through . In a perfect world it would be nice to think that this would be an easy decision to make but with all the emotions one experiences when they are pregnant on top of what led to this pregnancy is another matter . The other factor would be children having children . No one wants to see a baby hurt but what about the emotional toll it would take on a child barely old enough to understand what she got herself into . No mother wants to see her baby go through something like this but in cases where a child gets pregnant there would be a risk not only to the baby but to the child having to go through this as there are children as young as nine years old getting pregnant . In such cases you have to look at the circumstances . I am not condoning abortion as I don't believe in it myself but also don't want to judge something that I have never been through and believe that for every sitaution there are two sides to consdier .
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@msbiggs24 (285)
• United States
1 May 07
I am completely against abortion. Unless the doctor says that you're going to die if you continue with the pregnancy you should not have an abortion. It's a life inside and everyone deserves a chance at life.
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