what do you think of Microsoft Vista?? ugh I am venting!

United States
April 30, 2007 7:36pm CST
I have had my computer for 6 weeks now....and when we went to get the new computer they told us that windows was no longer available and we would have to get Vista..no biggie at the time. Well 2 weeks ago our computer just stopped working and my husband was on the phone 6 different times for a total of 12 hours and no one could tell him what was wrong....we not only that but the new HP's with Vista dont have a recovery system built into it ...yeah! So then we had to wait 2 weeks for them to build one and send it to us...so we waited, and on friday it came in and my husband put it in and started the recovery process and nothing ...nothing happened..and being friday we had to wait until today to speak to someone, where they said that it was either the mother board or the hard drive!!!! I do a lot of work off of my computer and we have had to rent one from rent a center to keep me working and now they are telling me that my brand new $600 tower is crap....urhg!!! I mean they will replace it cause it is under warranty but it is the inconvience of the whole thing......I had heard that people had been having problems with Vista and I am just wondering if any of you on Mylot that have Vista, have had anything wierd happen....thanks for listening to my rant :)
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