Earth could survive without man, but man could not survive without earth!

@tombiz (2039)
April 30, 2007 9:27pm CST
As we are approaching the start of the this century, all damages and abuses man had collectively done to the earth, is now clearly apparent as the earth is now facing its own survival crisis. Earth could have easily flourished without man anyway. Man had been a good subduer of the earth but never a good manager of its finite resources. In the past, it was a coomon thinking that all natural resources of the earth is infinite. But science (especially current studies) have proven otherwise -- if the current consumption rate will continue, a time is coming when everything could be gone. As we are abusing the one and only living planet in the whole universe, we are now facing our very own crisis for survival. We definitely reap now what we had sowed. We reap destruction because that's what we had planted all along. When will we act all together? At the time when we are already at our last breath? What about the next and future generations?
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@academic2 (7010)
• Uganda
3 May 07
That is an understatement tombiz-infact the earth should rather not have had man as part of its diversity-he has used his big brain to abuse the generosity of mother earth,he has assumed and abused the masterly role nature crowned him with over other creatures, gone ahead to think that without other creatures which ironically, have a far senior chronologcal age than man himself on earth, he can still remain a survivor! This amazes me because even with his seemingly big brain, a little housefly seems to be naturally more intelligent because-look-a housefly knows, there must be other creatures to drop their dung on the face of the earth so that it acts as a medium of its life cycle given that it is in the hip of dung that a housefly lays its eggs and perpetuates its kind, you dont need to be a rocket scientist to see how inter-dependent everything on earth is-our fore fathers bequeathed the earth to us with a climate that made this world the Garden of Eden but look! We are destroying it wthout asking the question, what will our children find of the earth if we go on at this rate of environmental degradation?
@piropos (312)
• Philippines
3 May 07
In the grand scale of things, even a little contribution that snowballs will have its effect in time. And this exactly is what has happened and is happening around us. Indeed, it's true that it was thought that all natural resources are infinite and so everyone didn't care if we are wasting things. And as I said that even little things will have its effect in time, those little wastages that nobody minded are hounding us today. The survival of the earth and the entire human race depends upon us all and if our leaders are not made aware of this and do nothing then we are doomed to extinction. Yet, that does not mean that each person cannot do his part, in fact, our own little effort could be the saving power that could bring us all to a better future.
• Malaysia
1 May 07
We know what will happen if we keep going at this rate. The future generation will blame us for the destruction and damage that we had done and will continue doing.. It is easier to say that to actually act.. We can blame the authority and those big companies for making the matter worse. The pollution from the big factories.. (by the way we still using their products) and more of the pollution from the river... (ooo... we don't know that this products use colouring that can do something bad to the river...) Hmm.. why don't start to act.. do something even the littlest thing might help. Stop littering.. it just a simple task that peoples always ignore... I wont' ask for more.. I just want to ask peoples to stop littering and please ask people close to you to stop litter.