how you're parents influenced you in your lives?

loving parents - parents are guardians
April 30, 2007 10:30pm CST
i really admire my mom coz she's the one who raised me...i was only 5 months old when they got separated my parents & i'm the youngest so i'm the only one didn't experienced to live having a dad physically..but i don't have regrets coz my mom raised me full of love.. she's my father & my mother.. i admire her on how she take good care of us and protect us...she also disciplined us she made sure no one of us will be into vices or in drug addiction...she taught us to be god fearing.. i wish i could be like responsible as her as brave as her as loving as her.... she's my living example & i can say because of her i grew up normal...brave...responsible...god fearing like her... how about you? what are the things you learned from your parent that you applied in your lives???
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