Zero tolerance to cheaters?

@magica (3710)
May 1, 2007 5:00am CST
I saw ten of discussions about all theese copycats.But to be honest, i dont think that this problem has a solvation. Just wanted to know what will be your usual reaction if a copycat copy and paste your posts? Will you report him and rate negative? Will you make a noisy discussion and tell all his nickname? Or you dont care so much, even it`s not pleasant indeed.
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@annihilus (2185)
• Italy
1 May 07
It is not a problem for me. And it is not a problem for MyLot because never had deleted the membershib of cheaters, spammers and scammers here! Yes it is a noise to read many discussions cheated or many discussions posted only for searching referrals for a lot of "make money" programs and scams but it is the reality! I think that serious members here can have a community into a community.
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@tonyxxx (693)
• India
1 May 07
I will just ignore the discussion which has been copied as there are many discussions which have the common topics or about the same things. If we start reporting these discussions then more then half of the discussions will be deleted.It will also result in a loss to the members who have taken time to reply to the discussion. I think there are very few members who actually look for the search for similar discussions before starting a new discussion. Though nobody will like to be copied as mentioned by the Martianwoman.
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