most number of responses you have ever got for you any discussion?

May 1, 2007 5:45am CST
I am a beginner so I just have not gotten very big responses but its not too bad. i am trying to improve the quality of my discussions and to improve my rating. So i want to know the maximum number of responses you have ever got for any of your discussion.
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@jc_star10 (954)
• Indonesia
1 May 07
I see that you are a newbie here. Welcome to mylot ! The number so far is 34 responses. Not bad though, but that's the only I got..LOL. The others will have average about 4 to 12 responses. Keep on working on it, and before you know it, you have your quality posts.
@ritchel (890)
• Philippines
1 May 07
Oh, with your discussions you made me checked the discussions that i started. I have found out that so far the highest replies i got as being recorded by mylot is 12. They do not actually count if you reply to a certain reply of a user. And i have found out that in my previous discussions there is only one who don't have no response i don't know with my recent discussion.
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@nelly5 (1425)
• United States
1 May 07
I believe that the highest number of responses that I have recieved for one posting is about 19 so far (I may get more on that one yet). I don't understand why I have not gotten many for some of my postings. I believe that some of the discussions I have posted are interesting, but I guess they may have only been interesting to I have seen people that seem to get many responses for all their discussion postings...I wonder why...hummm Well good luck, I hope you do well here on mylot. Have a good day/night.
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