Is your dog understand your words to him/her ?

May 1, 2007 5:57am CST
You know that dogs are really loyal to us. And sometimes, you just can't help to talk with your dog. Well, I did. I talked to her about my days, I greeted her in morning. And suprisingly, she is seemed to understand me. When I cried, she sat beside me and bark a little like she is about to cry too. When I talked and looked at her, she will raise her ear and bend her head a little like she is listening to me. I wonder if she really understand the words that i say ? Did your dog do the same too or not ? Please, kindly tell me your stories.
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@xayarii (72)
• Canada
2 May 07
My dog knows want a treat or gotta go pea or poo it all depend :D have a nice day:D
@Inky261 (2524)
• Germany
1 May 07
Yes my dogs understand, they understand words, sentences, they understand more than I think possible. They understand as much as five year old preschool kids. I had a dog who obeyed in German and in English, a multilingual dog. And one male dog every time someone says hi or good-bye reaches out with his paw and wants to shake hands. One other dog is actually trying to speak. He always makes the same sounds and tries to copy our words. One can understand him and the meaning if one is accustomed to him.
1 May 07
Dogs a Gr8 as friend. they are also gr8 for exersise. As dogs get 2 no u they responde 2 words u use most often. A dog is also a big responsability only get 1 if u no u have time 4 it. If u dont have anof time 4 a dog u could also get a cat or smaller animal perhaps a hamster or rabit. But overall i luv dogs and cant get enof of them. I GIVE THEM 10 OUT OF 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@mflower2053 (3227)
• United States
1 May 07
dogs are very smart. When I use to work I would call my husband from my cel and talk to him on the way home. Whenever he would say I love you. Our dog would start barking because he knew I was home. He knew when he used the bathroom inside he was in trouble. He would come up to me with his head down. He understands alot. Hes a very smart dog.