How to quit a job properly?

@caesarin (1091)
May 1, 2007 7:45am CST
I worked for this company for almost 4 years. My boss had been very nice to me. People said that I'm his golden kid. He invited me to Japan (he's Japanese) for honeymoon trip. He paid for the hotels and meals while both me and my husband were there for 5 days. He also let me flew to Korea, Japan, HK, and Thailand for the job purpose. We have a good communication via internet and international phone collection. People also said that he must have found me very connected to him, so that he made me his golden kid. Since last year, he went to a condition like a bankruptcy in Japan because his colleague cheated him. He never told me his real condition now. The almost can't pay the staffs salary. With no such amount of money in the company, I don't think I can do much for the company. Everything needs deposit (we are in trading). I know he is an honest person and very straight in business but he is too idealistic. I don't think he can work with anybody (join) if he is too idealistic. I can't tell in details but he has a unique way of thinking in business. My senior (director in charge) said that if my boss keeps his "attitude" he'll have anybody to be his friend in the future (like now). Back to the topic, with the current situation, I decided to quit the job and will still sincerely help him to run the company, at least he can reduce one salary cost. I'm not saying that my financial is in good condition but I can't help taking salary without doing anything beneficial for the company. My boss refused to take my resignation and he complaint that I failed the Peter's Principle. I don't care. I have the rights to quit and have my own business. I don't mean to be mean but I want to improve my financial situation. If I don't quit, I'll still earn my salary but that wouldn't be enough. I need extra which I hope I can get if I quit and try to do my own business and still help my boss. If I don't quit I have this responsibility and bounds to the company to my boss. He won't let me have my own business, business that could be done by the company. Though not exactly the same field, at this time of financial situation, I think he would do anything to earn for the company. I'm really in a big dillema. In addition, one of my capable staff is going to quit soon. Please help me to solve this problem. Thanks very much.
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@ESKARENA1 (18299)
1 May 07
you are in a very awkward position, i see that. However you should be at liberty to withdraw your labour and i am sure you are. What you must do is insist upon your resignation, there is no other way to do it blessed be
@caesarin (1091)
• Indonesia
2 May 07
He has been so nice to me that I'm afraid I'll hurt his feeling. I want to insist upon my resignation with him understanding the reason and don't misunderstood me. Really, I want to help him sincerely. He is at his 60s and he should retire but this sudden unexpected problem occur. I really feel sorry for him but I think he doesn't own my life. My parents are not like this to me. Does his kindness to me is for a purpose like this, that he wants me to be his "follower"? If so, I want to tell him that he can't cheat me. I'm confused #o#