live in relationships???

May 1, 2007 9:05am CST
do u believe in this upcoming trend or fashion of live in relationships?? its coz ppl are afraid of commitment or that once u r committed ppl take u 4 granted??? wat do u thnk is the cause behind such relationships n R THEY SUCCESSFUL???
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13 Feb 11
This is not a good idea and healthy sign for Indian culture. It shows the satisfaction of physical relations ( for 2-3 years..) not mental and spiritual which are never-lasting...
@lynboobsy11 (11347)
• Philippines
1 May 07
Yes, because now a days there is no such thing as permanent in this world even a relationship we can say nothing last forever. That's why live in is the new trend now. At first It is better for me without marraige in that process we can know all his/her attitude if we are compatible to each other. At least if the relationship does'nt work there's no annulment or divorse will happen.
@lonely_f16 (2147)
• Philippines
1 May 07
to tell you the truth..i don't believe on this kind of in I mean it's evident from the start that they have a problem in commiting so then why commit yourself? you are not forced to do so. Eventually there will be just 2 common results it's either you'll break up or you'll be so used to the set-up that you'd rather stay that way than getting's like you won't face your fears in life...