at what age must a child start reading?

@coolchai (720)
May 1, 2007 11:39am CST
my son is 5, he stil cant read but he has photographic memory that is why he can recognize the spelling of CAT, BAT, and basic words. however i started just now to teach him how to really read. but at what age must a child MUST really know how to read?
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• Canada
1 May 07
Age five is when a child starts to learn to read by basically doing as you said you son is doing , recognizing basic words . Much of this has to do with repitition . Now that you have started to teach him you should see a difference in a couple of months what he knows . You will notice each day that he is able to pick up a bit more and should notice that he is able to recognzie some words on cue :)
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• Philippines
1 May 07
yes, it will be good to bear in mind that children learn through our repetitive ways of teaching them things. this is the reason why it takes so much patience when we deal with them.
• Philippines
1 May 07
do not push your child so much as to read by now. take it slowly. it will be good to start with the alphabet. make your child recognize the big and small letters. then make him say them, too. sing the abc together, make it fun. there are children's books on this purpose. these will help you so much in achieving your goal. children learn faster if they think that they are only playing.