For exams, wheather you study for whole sem. or just before the exam???

study for exam - Do you study for exams before a few days or much of the days through whole sem.?
@tenali (53)
May 1, 2007 11:59am CST
Ok friends.. many of you may have completed your study, and many of you are studing. For the exams, do you study most of the days during whole semester or just a few days before the exam??? (Please don't say after the exams!!) Now a days i am studing 'couse exams are after a few days and i have to manage all the study for that. Do share your views.
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@anurag4u (154)
• India
1 May 07
ok, all you guys out there. now i am revealing my secret before you.i am one of those guys who enjoy life and study only when needed. this gives evidence that i read only during the times of exams. till then enjoyment and before one month of exams i start preparing. the day before exams i read for the whole night and have a very small sleep. then i get in to the exam hall and perform my job. but my results are still good.
@lonnieN (428)
• United States
1 May 07
i found it worked bes for me to study the whole sem and not just before the exam
@shak143 (1280)
• India
1 May 07
Hi Friend i completed my studies.i don't think studing before exams for whole sem is ok.So i study most of days. And at the same time i enjoy with my friends.We have to study to gain knowledge not for sake of pass. Am i right so studing before exams may be help you to pass but to gain knowledge is not good. That's why i recomend to study most of the days and also to enjoy otherwise you won't go mad.
@luotoslo (17)
• Brazil
1 May 07
For the exams, i always never study, i think i have a great memory, but sometimes i need to read about 20 - 30 minutes by day