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May 1, 2007 12:07pm CST
this summer will be filled with sequals to movies. there will be #2's and #3's to all kinds of movies. tell me, are you sick of sequals?
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4 May 07
It really depends on which sequal. All the ones I want to see I'm not sick of like Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. I can't wait for that one. Actual there are several sequals this year I want to see. I'm more sick of all the remakes. It's like all the orginal ideas have dried up.
2 May 07
I love sequels... it's the prequels i am not too fond of. I can't wait for this summer!!!
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1 May 07
I am sick of sequels yes, but I am sick of sequels that end in pre-quels. We need to know "the beginning" at the.....BEGINNING!!! Psycho...the beginning. Texas Chainsaw...the beginning. Pitch Black...chronicles of Riddick and Freddy..the new nightmare? what the hell was that???? I love movies, but I have a hard time with pre-quels as well as sequels that go beyond 3. "Third time IS a charm if not...stop because it is a no go.Did we need a SAW 3? But I bet the majority of us went to see it opening day because SAW took us completley by storm we probably did not know about it before we went to see it because it did not get much publicity but do you remember the end of that movie? How it made you feel? you might of left the theater giving high-fives because it was arguable the best horror movie of the year...and we never saw it coming! Sequels are dependent upon a stability that is supplied by a legion of fans that will not waver. If you do not have those fans in one... 2 and 3 are a no go. Like The Grunge. I get it...I do. the plot was actual strong, the basis for the movie I dug it...but the script was not well supported with strong writing. After the plot...we needed a story. a strong story, and in my opinion The Grunge, two, and the impending sequel to follow were found wanton. I love the mvies and all genres of cinema but if you are going to campaign a better come with it because society is a fickel woman with PMS and we will chew you up and spit you out.