@magica (3710)
May 1, 2007 1:04pm CST
How much of us can tell that they withstand a critic? Is the critic of the others usefull for you or you fefuse to accept it, because it`s painfull for your Ego?Are you proned to be more critical and what are the things you like to criticize others? And what are the things the others criticize you for?
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@cassidy22 (2975)
• United States
1 May 07
There is criticism, and then there are insults. I can handle criticism, especially if it is meant to help me better myself. But there is no reason for insults. I try NOT to be hurt by insults, and try to ignore them, but it can be hard. I try to stand up to critisicm, because without knowing your flaws, you don't know how to fix them.