waking up with vertigo

@shmeedia (1042)
May 1, 2007 1:59pm CST
this has happened to me twice in 2 weeks, and i don't know what the cause is. looking around the net to see what research i can do. basically, i'm sleeping peacefully, then around 7am i wake up because i feel the room is spinning. (weird that both times it occurred around the same hour, regardless of when i went to bed the night before). i open my eyes and try to focus, and notice i can't keep my head straight because i'm THAT dizzy. feeling this may cause nausea, i try to get to the bathroom as quick as possible without falling over (very difficult, worse than trying to walk a straight line while drunk!). i can't vomit and then i get stomach cramps at the same time, with cold sweating. the first time it happened, it passed after about an hour. today, i couldn't get rid of the nausea at all. after 2 hours, i literally tried to gag myself to force myself to vomit (sorry, i know it's gross), hoping if i had food poisoning, that i would get rid of the toxins faster. problem is, both times, i didn't eat anything strange that could cause food posioning. and this didn't feel the same as i feel when i DO have food poisoning (like limbs getting pins and needles, salivating, etc). in fact, both times, i hadn't eaten very much of one food to cause such a strong reaction. someone suggested low blood sugar, but that would only account for dizziness, not the nagging urge to throw up. someone else suggested liver failure, but i wasn't jaundiced, and have never had problems with my liver. any ideas would greatly help!