Khali's eyes on WWE Belt...

@Divzs18 (442)
May 1, 2007 3:07pm CST
In the Monday night Raw, Shawn Michaels, Edge and Orton were found lying on the floor in their locker room as someone unknown was found to hit them... It was said that the one who has hit them was also someone giant...but it was only in the night it was revealed that it was Khali who also has given his shot of John Cena in the ring later in night...He then has raised the WWE Belt higher symbolising that he has an eye on it...Now being an Indian I'm happy about him but i'm also a very big fan of John Cena and feel a bit disappointed about him, if Khali wins the belt then their is nobody who can retain the belt back from him...What are ur comments...
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@jinggay46 (263)
• Philippines
6 May 07
Khali is definitely eyeing the WWE Belt. I don't think that Cena would allow Khali to be the wwe champion. Although Cena is smaller than Khali, he's much stronger than him. And that what matters in retaining the wwe belt.
@vivek2006 (1419)
• India
5 May 07
It will be great if Khali wins the championship. Being an Indian i'll be proud that someone from our country has made it so big there. I'm also like Cena a lot so it will be one heck of a match between Khali and Cena for wwe the championship.
@carolscash (9500)
• United States
2 May 07
I hope that Khali doesn't get the belt as I just see him as a weapon for McMahon as is Umaga. I believe that people relate to Cena more than Khali and I believe that is what makes a good champion. I also think it would be hard for anyone else to beat him if he did get the belt. I was shocked that Cena picked him up and almost got the FU on him. Cena is good and I would like to see him keep the belt a little longer.
@magica (3710)
• Bulgaria
2 May 07
Uff...i dislike Khali as much as i dislike Umaga. Theese are something as genetical mistake of the nature. No technic, no intelect, just his giant body and mind of animal. Primal instinct:(
• United States
2 May 07
I don't think Khali would be a good champion for a number of reasons, but there is one main reason besides the fact that I am a big John Cena and Bobby Lashley fan... Khali doesn't strike me as being very charismatic, something that is vital if you are going to be a champion. Who knows, maybe once he does get into a top program that he could be very good, but right now I am worried about this fact. A champion has to be loved or hated, and part of that deals with the fact that a wrestler can play to the crowd either way. When Triple H was a heel champion, he played to the crowd so much, they hated his guts... I don't know if I could see Khali doing that as well. Meanwhile, I also think that there will be a few people who could "beat" him... the WWE writers, if they see fit, will have someone beat him, and there are a few people who could do so. I think that, barring him having a serious injury, Bobby Lashley could be the next big star for the WWE and he could give it a go. Cena is a tough SOB and he won't go down quietly, even though he is much smaller... Undertaker and Kane could also give him a run...
2 May 07
I feel that there is a few that can retain it from him, contradictory to what you say. 1. Undertaker although lost to him before, will have no problem taking it. 2. Although he is on a break from WWE, Big Show would also have no problem in beating him. As he is the only one who can rival him in size, (mainly weight) 3. Kane would also have a good shot at it, although having lost to him.
@IMHO_Dan (175)
• India
2 May 07
Being an indian i will also be proud to have Khali as the world champion....but i prfer shawn n cena...but when it comes to national spirit i see only india n support indians...well khali is not unbeatable....Umaga n HHH are gud opponents for khali....i wud like to see a match between khali n umaga n khali beating the s@#t out of umaga