5 of your faves!?

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May 1, 2007 7:34pm CST
List: 5 Everyday favorites 4 Mood-lifters 3-reasons to get out of bed 2 people you love 1 thing you love about yourself ----------------- 5 everyday favorites: my family, the sunshine as I am driving to work, hugs, kisses and sleeping 4-mood lifters- hearing I love you, a nice cup of coffee with lots of sugar and creamer, hugs,talking to my Friend Jessica 3 rasons to get out of bed- my kids, work, my husband 2 people you love- my kids and husband 1 think you love about yourself- i am easy to talk to :)
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• United States
2 May 07
5 everyday favorites: family,nature, mylot, hugging my kids, hearing i love you from hubby 4 mood lifters: smokes, hearing i love you, coffee, hearing my kids laugh 3 reason to get out of bed: my kids, my husband, mylot 2 people you love: husband , kids 1 think you love about yourself: my honesty you made me think of the most important things to me and things that i like lol. i thought about work but that makes me want to stay in bed. lol i hate my job lol.