How do you know you have/are a good father?

May 1, 2007 8:08pm CST
im really curious about that my father works as a chief mate and he never spends time with me until i grown up to be 21 and it seems we are not that close i really can't open up to him neither can i with my mom. I spend time looking at others family and thinking that they are so happy with their lives that they could talk to their parents and could even have fun with them, me i feel i don't really belong since i kinda look not like my parents or my brothers and sisters but all of them look up to me. Its kinda sad most people look up to me and i feel neglected by my parents who lack emotional love for me. I can't feel that love just by money alone sure they let me go to school give me my allowance but when i think about it i feel like im just some kind of liability to their acounts.
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