How Do You Refuse a Gift?

United States
May 1, 2007 9:08pm CST
We are taking a family vacation this summer and I wanted to teach my children (11,9 & 5) the concept of saving and earning money. My oldest 2 have been helping neighbors with lawn work, but my daughter (5 years old) isn't old enough to mow lawns and such so I suggested that she save soda cans instead. Well, we had them beside our garage(about 15-20 bags full), we were going to cash them in for her Friday, but when we went out there to get them they were gone. Someone had taken all of them. I vented my frustrations on a local forum (in my hometown) and I have had an overwhelming response. There were a few people that offered to help her out by saving cans for her, which I agreed too. When I logged into my account tonight someone (that we don't know) wants to give her money for the cans. Now this is a very kind and generous offer, but I'm not sure that I would feel comfortable accepting this money because that wasn't the reason for the post. I just wanted to vent a little frustration about the fact that she had worked so hard on saving them and that someone took it upon themselves to walk off with them. Now, I don't know how to express that I am deeply grateful that they would make such a generous offer, but refuse it at the same time because it isn't their responsibility to send her money. Any ideas?
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