Apocalypse-Mails paid-to-read (PTR) Site Closing Down

United States
May 1, 2007 11:21pm CST
Apocalypse-Mails paid-to-read (PTR) site is closing down. The site owner, Julien, sent out a message to members of the site Wednesday. "I now have an off-line job," Julien said in the e-mail, "This is a kind of miracle due to my situation, as blind and deef people aren't easily accepted." The site will close this month and he will try to sell the site to someone else. If you are interested in buying the site, you can send your offers to support@apocalypse-mails.com. This is the third paid-to-read site that I know of that has closed since March. In March, no2allmails announced they will close, and CashoutMails announced in April they will close.
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