$$what would u do on ur birthday???

party - would u do this
May 2, 2007 12:12am CST
is it with ur friends r all time pubs...
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• Hong Kong
2 May 07
I would be having dinner with my friends, then we will hit a pub, drink some nice cocktails, have good laugh about the non-sense and be on the dance floor! Sometimes I do quiet celebration too, like at home having homemade dinner with my friends and mix drinks by ourselves, it really depends on the mood around the time comes.
@marababe (2513)
• Philippines
2 May 07
OK this is a timely question since my birthday is already next month. I'm really not sure what I would do on my birthday. I want to treat my friends out again and have my birthday money but then I just want my dad to buy me a new laptop and a new digicam instead or ask my dad for my Singapore trip and I'm just going to buy my new digicam there cos it's cheaper. I don't know. I have to calculate the expenses first I guess. I don't want my dad to spend too much on my birthday cos I have plans to go to Boracay on term break and I need extra allowance. One thing is for sure though, we're going to have family dinner in some restaurant and I'll go shopping for clothes, bags, etc. That's what we always do if we have birthdays.
@diego9774 (172)
• United States
2 May 07
Generally I split it up. I might go to dinner with friends or do something tame,Then I have a drunken night out.