The mood of spring

@mzx5188 (520)
May 2, 2007 3:46am CST
The mood of spring -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2003?03?14? 02:22 WHEN green grass announces an early spring, ladies from European royal families and Hollywood arenas just can’t wait to slip into the Cruise series by top designers. With romantic details and mood-altering hues, the pretty garments will definitely make you feel good. Color — both acid bright and sweetly pale — exploded onto the scene, as intensely hued silks vied with softly tinged lighter fabrics. With heady hues of pink, indigo and azure piled onto a flirty figure-flattering suede miniskirt, a bright pink shirt and a chic pair of bright-colored high heels of Louis Vuitton Cruise create the impression of spring flowers. With slight symmetrical ruffles extending from chest to the waist and understated frills across the shoulders, the silk one-piece dress printed with small pink flowers illustrates the Prada view of a romantic season. The bright pink Louis Vuitton slippers reveal a flirtatious unrest. Luscious hues — purple, brown and yellow — mixed with pale shades spread onto a silk shirt like a dream. With draping sleeves with splits down the shoulder, the Fendi Spring/Summer series takes a modern and artistic stand. The dark blue silk pants and bright-colored handbag with a leather patchwork of musical notes completes the eye-catching suit. Geometrical patterns in various shades of blue and beige add a rare sobriety to a sleeveless silk shirt from the Celine Cruise series, while a draped scarf at the collar brings it elegance. A slim pair of pants and simple sandals in similar blue shades accent the shirt perfectly and leaves you looking fresh and neat. The hit of the Chanel Cruise series this year primarily draws inspiration from Paris café’s waitresses. It is a black-and-white series with the crisp lines of a uniform. But it also provides more romantic choices like a cream voile one-piece dress adorned with excess lace and frills, reminiscent of a childhood fairytale garment. Another bright yellow sleeveless voile shirt going with the same voile scarf best suits the mood of love in a warm flowery spring.
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