@oalexa (17)
May 2, 2007 5:45am CST
Hi everyone! I'm back, after few months ...really busy but, i'm back. I'm very happy to see few old friends. I see yesterday a movie,,Sweet November''. It's a little bit old but it was nice. My questions come from this movie. So, if you have seen the movie you are able to know what it's all about. QUESTION: You have a wonderful life, everything is great, you love someone and that someone loves you but,you are a person suffering from cancer and is nothing to do about that. 1.If you are a woman: You will do same as Sara, ask Nelson to leave you because you are suppose to die, or what you will do? 2.If you are a man: You will leave Sara exactly what Nelson do, or what you will do?P.S. Sorry for my english. If you are seen this movie you will know what it's all about. See you!
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