Do you praise a person for her ( his) beauty ( handsome) in his/her face?

May 2, 2007 10:03am CST
I am used to praising ladies for their beauty in their faces, if I think some girls are really beautiful. I think I just tell from my feeling.It is not unsuitable. But some of my colleagues told me It was not ok for a man to praise a woman so directly. I do not know the reason why they will say so? Actually, I am not flirting with them. If they are pretty,I just say they are pretty. that is it. why do some people say i am not right. Do you praise some one for his or her goodlooking as I do? If you do not, why do not ?
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@wm69love88 (3466)
• China
3 May 07
I think compliment is a virtue.Especially this praise comes from your very core.I like to praise others,as long as he/she has advantages.I like your humor and open-minded:)
• China
3 May 07
Thank you for your praise, wm69love88.I guess we hold the same idea on this point: Compliment is a virtue. Firstly, I must say it is not easy for people to praise others. As we know all of us want to be praised, but not tend to praise others. we want to be second to none in this world. That is the reason why we are so grudging to say some good words for others. Secondly,Each person has his/her stongpoints and weaknesses.If someone really possesses some good quality and virtue,we just express our opinoin frankly without an exaggeration. This will make the person praised happy, and you will feel happy too. at least we are not jealous.It is a win-win way to express our friendship. Of course, we should be careful not to send the wrong message to some wrong people.Otherwise we will het into trouble. Thank you for your praise to me. Your praise makes me s........o happy. I feel I am walking in the clouds. lol... This is a typical example of win-win,eh?
@easy888 (10405)
• Australia
2 May 07
Hello.shenzhouplaza,i will priase a woman if i think she is pretty, I think when i am talking to a woman, i do not have to hide anything,i can tell what i feel about her honestly, but for guys,i tend not to tell him he is handsome, i do not want to send him a wrong message that i like him.