what happens if you meet a mother who hates her daughter just becoz she did not

May 2, 2007 12:03pm CST
I know a daughter who is married now for more than 28 years but her mother has not accepted her nor her family even after so many yeras.. then has she given up on herchild or does she feel for her chils ca you please say I feel that she does not care for her chils even though she has not led her life as her parents wnated it but see the irony of life she is the most well adjusted human being with a small wel knit family wheo is loved by her in laws do u feel such mother should exist !!!!
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18 Jun 07
It depends person to person attitude and their expectations...... Why the mother hates the daughter ? Is the daughter have a love marriage or what? Is the daughter is cheated ? Firstly find the reason... In these 28 years what type of efforts the daughter made to meet the mother? And in circumstances how the mother reacted.... Say for suppose the mother is Angry with the daughter and ofcourse due to the Elderly Respects the Mother didnt approach to the daughter but during this period why the daughter repeatedly go to meet her mother(Who gave birth after carrying for 9 - 10 months)... Its the daughter's right that she can still hold her mother...... Daughter can create the situations to meet the mother ofcourse now she is also a Mother she should know the feelings of a Mother and Daughter..... So this Daughter has to approach her Mother due to age aspect the Elder one may any moment be passes off...... So You can tell her to meet her mother in the last days and do service to Mother ....
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3 May 07
Plese correct the spelling mistakes first.