Assasination of Politicians: Does it happen in your country too?

@Abbyey (760)
May 2, 2007 1:29pm CST
I like to watch Current events every night but after the consecutive reports of Politicians running for several positions were assasinated, i felt like i dont want to watch anymore. The election is on May 14, 2007 and im think more killings will occur. This is sad because for me, politicians are running for the position in order to help the CITY / COUNTRY to prosper and not to COMPETE with each other. It is truly heartbreaking to know that each party are trying to kill each other for the sake of a POSITION in the government. I think this is happening only in our country. I feel that they are all just after the "POWER" and probably "CORRUPTION" too. If you're Filipino: What do you think? If you're foreigner: Does assasinations occur in your country too when election is near? What do you think about it?
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@vjr_1979 (133)
• Romania
2 May 07
No, there aren't any assasination of politicians here(in Romania). But I think life would be so much better without them. I can't imagine what purpose has God regarding the politicians.
@Abbyey (760)
• Philippines
2 May 07
Yes i do wonder what is the plan of GOD to politician. Its truly hard to believe that there is a Politician who is actually TRUE to his JOB and NOT corrupt. Somehow i believe (Even its wrong) that all politicians are the same, CORRUPT and GREEDY for POWER. There are just some who are "Discrete" and there are some who is obviously doing it. This is sad, i hope ouor country would have GOOD and HONEST politician so that things will be better for us (Filipino) and our economy to go UP and everyone would have Jobs and the dollar vs peso would go down. Things like that... is what the Philippines need. If we only have PURE HEARTED people in the government, however im not judging them FLAT but it is the same in BIG COMPANIES too... and other sectors internationally...meaning if there are DISHONEST and CORRUPT people... nothing will be better... everything will fall down and suffer.
• India
6 May 07
It used to happen. But now in India government is taking new steps to avoid this. Till now the assasination were due to inter politic clashes. I think there is no need to assasinate them. They are working great now in our country. I hope violence will end by taking these steps