Hospitality...where did you go???

May 2, 2007 3:26pm CST
duh..duh..try walking into one of the counters at the mall or a store wearing just sandals, a common tshirt and look veeeeery ordinary..what will happen.... some of the people at the shop will either follow u around like u are some sort of shoplifter looking for some goods to steal and say...can i help u miss..with arms folded at the front and underestimating eyes looking at you and watching every move u make until you leave the store...OOORRR...they will just ignore you like you don't exist thinking that nothing in the shop will suit your limited budget. However..try looking your best when u walk into a will definitely find most of them will be A LOT nicer to you.. Tsk..tsk...and i thought Indonesia was a country noted for its friendly people??? Thank you for all of the places i've visited where the people have served me from the heart...may this become the reflection of the real Indonesian people in the future....a country of TRUE HOSPITALITY
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@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
3 May 07
I know exactly what you mean. There is this home furnishings store here in town. It has nice stuff. The first time that we went to look around the people who worked there kept an eye on us like we were criminals. We went back a second time to see how they reacted and still it was like we had done something wrong and they followed us around pretending not to be. We refused to go back there on principle, they treat us like criminals they don't get our business. Then a couple of months ago we were dressed up in our finest clothes and went by the store. We stopped and I said lets go in and see how they treat us now. We went in and were greeted with a warm friendly greeting and surprise surprise no one followed us around. I think it is sad how people are treated depending on how well off they look. I refuse to spend money in that store or any other that treats customers like criminals. I think maybe hospitality is a thing of the past and how sad is that!
• Indonesia
3 May 07
thanks a lot for ur comment :) sadly, it happens almost in every in my country.and for the store in your place,they don't know what they've missed ! thanks again