i'm sick of my professor

teacher - what am i supposed to do with this freaking professor of mine!
May 2, 2007 4:34pm CST
hey guys. i'm actually so fed up with our professor this summer because she is so traditional and very strict! i mean, she keeps on scolding us like low-grade students and we are so sick of it! i have also heard that she really gives those failing grades illogically and that the highest grade she has given is about 80+. i don't know what i am supposed to do. if i receive that rate, i would really protest. i am trying my best to earn high grades and so far, i haven't received a grade in college lower than 88 and here she comes, the old and traditional lady who makes everyone scratch their heads help me, guy, what should i do?
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2 May 07
I had a professor like that who actually had the nerve to look at the class and say, "80% of this class is failing and I don't know why." Well, if 80% was failing, then that meant there was a universal issue. 80% of the class couldn't be stupid, so all she needed to do was look in the mirror for the problem. Anyway, I tried to transfer out of the class into another, but there were none to fit my schedule. The second thing was I discussed the issue with some fellow students and we went to the dean's office to express our concern. Turns out, she was having personal issues and was taking it out on the class. It was after my quarter though that she was forced to leave for a quarter to sort out her issues since it was effecting student grades. We were permitted to retake without damage to our transcripts and I got my passing grade. It just stunk to have to retake because of a professor's personal issues.