Does the weather affect your mood?

United States
May 2, 2007 5:24pm CST
The last two days here have been SO cloudy and dreary, not a patch of sky peeking through the clouds. So far I think my mood is ok, but the dreariness does make me sleepy. It's just the perfect weather to be curled up in bed with a book. Some people say that they suffer depression from similar weather. How about you?
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@matlgal (1687)
• United States
3 May 07
OH YEAH It sure does. A couple of days without sunshine and I am a raving maniac. Gloom begets gloom. When I was in Chicago (BLECK) and we would have weeks and weeks of not one drop of sun I would be so depressed and cranky. I am sure that's why I live in Southern Calif. We've had MAY GRAY as they title it now and it's getting really old! In light that we are famous for our June Gloom I am starting to panic already! It better straighten up here real soon.! We are close to the ocean too so we get that stupid Marine Layer alot of the time too. I call and talk to my daughter and she's in sunshine and warm warm warm. Hate it!
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• United States
2 May 07
I love sunny warm days and they seem to give me engery and spunk. But I do like those days where its just rainy and chilly enough to curl under a blanket to read and watch tv or be on here. I guess it just depends on my mood to what day fits me better. I don't think I get depressed from dreary weather though.
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@Bizziebod (3526)
26 May 07
I must admit I am so affected by the weather. I've got up this morning really early and the sun is shining and I've got loads done, my mood is good and I'm looking forward to the day ahead. When it's raining I can't be bothered to get up early even the housework suffers as 'I can't be bothered!'
@BarBaraPrz (18635)
• St. Catharines, Ontario
2 May 07
I find it MUCH easier to get out of bed if it's sunny out. When it's dark and gloomy, I'd rather be under the covers. On those days, I quite will take a nap in the afternoon. I think I'm solar powered.