Preparing to embarass myself in public

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May 2, 2007 7:30pm CST
I'm off to a concert tomorrow night and am faced with a possibly embarrasing situation. I am going to see Lisa Gerrard (formerly of Dead Can Dance.....which was enough to prevent anyone from coming with me so have to go it alone). The problem is that her voice has brought me to tears on a number of occassions...there are 1 or 2 songs in particular that will make me weep like a 45 year old spinster watching "Dirty Dancing". It's going to be tough to explain this to the people around me (given my absolute inability to speak as I make those horrendous, wracking, sobbing noises)....It's a no-smoking event so I cant blame the smoke, and I have no allergies to blame the watery eyes on, so, starting now, I am going to try and convince myself that I have a terrible case of pink-eye so that when I compose myself, I can confidently pass it off as that.
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4 May 07
My advise is to wear sunglasses and pretend to be one of her roadies, who is too cool to show their real personna!! It works everytime, especially if you wear a puffer body warmer too!! Or maybe thats just what they do in the UK LOL!!!
@okn0tok (569)
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3 May 07
Awe that is hilarious. I think if you just cry and laugh at yourself everyone else might just find it amusing. If you can't laugh at yourself though, it may be hard to convince others pink eye has got you crying. Just be yourself, forget what everyone thinks!
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3 May 07
Oh well! maybe you won't be the only one. Bring a kleenex with you and if nothing else tell people you have a cold and your eyes won't stop watering LOL :)