I wonder who

May 2, 2007 7:57pm CST
shot Alex ??? Who do you think it was it had to be Del , Johnathon , Zack well I guess it could have been the whole of Pine Valley ... Who do you think did the dirty deed ... He did have it coming thats for sure . Did you see how Krystal went to Adam with the GUN ??? Well I was surprised to see Colby save the day , putting herself between Adam and the gun ... What a surprise WoW that little girl sure has learned alot from this Story line ... I really hope they keep this up I almost cried . Seeing her plead for Adam to do the right thing and give Jenny back to Krystal ... Then Today was mostly about Annie finding the gun , which she thought belonged to Johnathon ... But it turns out to BE DELS of chorus ... Annie must feel HORRIBLE for blaming Johnathon , I know I would ... It turns out not being the gun used to shoot Cambias after all ... This after Julia kicked Del out of the House nad all. OMG Janet does have Jenny as we all knew , and she is starting to lose it cause she is out of her Meds ... I thought she might be able to trust herself with the Baby until.... The toy doll starts crying , Janet goes to it trying to comfort the doll and started yelling at it , and SPANKING it ... Janet then throws the doll in frustration then realizes it was Mona ( I think thats the name ) and gives ) Jenny a bottle .. When Jenny stops crying she says TG thats all you needed . All of a sudden she sees the MOON , and remembers what she had told Amanda that if she saw the Moon , Amanda could always send her a message .... SO WHAT NOW WILL SHE DO NOW ???? Scares me for Jenny . OH by the way Zack finds Hanna throwing the gun in the water , after comforting her Hanna BREAKS DOWN saying I LOST MY ONE AND ONLY SON ... I only wanted Alex to lose verything like We did .... She then turns to Zack and asks " So now are you going to turn me in " Surprising Zack says I have a party to go to you can either go home , back to the office ,or come to the party ... Sorry that was two days in one , if I missed something , could you clue me in ???
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3 May 07
Wow, thanks for the massive update. I loved it. I think Hanna shot Alex personally. Sounds like things are kicking into high gear for sweeps. I am worried about Jenny with Janet keeping watch over her. Man is that lady psycotic. Guess I'm going to have to try to catch the show tomorrow and Friday. Thanks hon.
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4 May 07
I know Janet is Psychotic I feel sorry for her , she means no harm unless shes threatened Of course ... I mean she did what she did in the past out of love , NOT HATE. I think Jenny will be fine/rather I hope so , on Soaps-up it almost seems that this is only the beginning ... You got me wondering , it could have been Ryan , where was he anyways ??? Thankx for pointing that out ... Can`t wait for the answer , can you ??? Well we`ll have to !!!! Sucks ...