Ode to a Bellydancer

United States
May 2, 2007 8:46pm CST
Ode to a Bellydancer By sigriet ferrer Aphrodite, The world halts to see you move Your gracious body: Turn, Twist, and Twirl To profound sounds of Doumbek, Kanoon, and Oud. Undulating stomach: unroll and unfurl. Click, Clack, Click, Clack: Clinking Cymbals bite the air. Sparkling Sylvanite coins jingling luminescent. Your Piercingly Pretty Persian eyes: Hypnotize. Swift consistency of your Figure 8's, anything but evanescent Vibrating Shimmy Shimmy, the onlookers eyes left paralyzed Charm the snake with the enticing music of your body. Arms swaying delicately like wings of a dove. But men fear the power of your Snake Hips. Child-bearing rituals: Symbols of Sisterly Love. Goddess. Invite, Entrance, Do as you wish. Silky veil floats and flaps around you. Strings of Obsidian hair falling loftily as you back-bend. Barefoot you dance, your heel lifts you Up, Up into the sky, Your rhythm will never demise. Goddess, you are the essence of paradise.
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