what is the most expensive gift?

United States
May 2, 2007 9:05pm CST
you have given to a special someone? i've never get a chance to give my boyfriend a gift every ocassion or monthsary of our relationship, but i made sure that before i left him i will make his birthday super extra special. he told me before that everything his girlfriend give him he thorw it away or give it to somebody if they broke up, so i really think of something that he really likes and never comes to his mind to throw or give it away if ever we broke up. So i gave him a brand new guitar. I give him the cheapest one but still expensive yet brand new. hehe! i know he can't give it to somebody else because it's worth it! Thank God were still together. How bout you? my friend told me that his girlfriend give him a converse chuck taylor which is expensive too!hehe!
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• Philippines
3 May 07
i cannot think so much about a very expensive gift that i have given to someone. i can think of memorable gifts. important gifts are more desirable because those gifts shall serve their good purpose. what you had given your boyfriend is a good one because, he plays the guitar. that is how gifts should be chosen, their serviceability to the recipient rather than the price.
• United States
3 May 07
i agree!i was thinking of a jewelry at first, because everytime he wears it he can remember me,but i'm afraid he might lose it or he might give it to somebody,that's why i gave him a different one!