Nokia e62?

@breepeace (3027)
May 2, 2007 11:49pm CST
I currently have a BlackBerry 7290, but I've been sort of feeling out my options for what to get when I upgrade. I like the new Pearl but not enough to justify the huge pricetag retailers here have placed on it, but I really like the price and a lot of the options on the new Nokia e62. Does anyone have any experience with this new smartphone? It sort of looks like a Treo but no windows operating system (which I LOVE, it's the biggest complaint about Treos), it's pretty affordable and most of the reviews I'd read online seem to be pretty positive. In fact, the only thing I heard about it that wasn't positive is that it doesn't have a camera (like I care, I have a top of the line digicam and I don't use my phone for pictures anyway.. poor resolution) and that it's cumbersome (Hello.. I have a 7290, the monster of PDA devices.. but I like a phone I won't lose!), so I don't think I'll be disappointed, just wondered if anyone has any personal experience or knows someone who may have experience with this phone?
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