Odd One Out

May 2, 2007 11:52pm CST
Not that I mind friends find their special someone its just that right now 99% of my friends are involved and as I have been single for 2 years I sometimes feel left out and maybe a tiny bit jealous... Its also not like they rub it in my face but its just that I almost always end up the third wheel... antbody else with this problem? how do you handle it?
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• Canada
3 May 07
Tickets are almost always sold or won in pairs of two. I won tickets to something, and invited another single friend to join me. Tables always have two chairs. When I want to eat out, I don't mind going alone, even if there's an empty chair. Sometimes I just want to eat and think by myself. I enjoy my space. My boyfriend and I have our lives together, and we have our lives apart too. We are single beings but relationship wise we are exclusive to eachother. We have our own lives and our own friends, and we have our life together.
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