Is God really a Spurs fan?

United States
May 3, 2007 12:22am CST
I ask, since I remember a few years back they had a commercial and they kept showing God was a Spurs fan. They seem to be doing very well in their series. Ever notice how they do better in odd numbers?
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• Philippines
15 May 07
im a spurs fan since tim duncan entered the NBA back in 1997-1998 season... 1999,2003,2005 one thing in common??? yes, they were champs at all those years. and now its 2007, and their doing is conference semifinals now and they are at war with the phoenix suns, and they are at lead with the series at 2-1. game 4 today at 930pm west coast time. the good thing with this series is that the Mavs are out.^_^ big chance for the Spurs!!! God,hmmm...maybe he is not a real Spurs fan. but 1 thing i know,he is a FAn of good basketball game. and God is watching games like the NBA playoffs...
• United States
15 May 07
I don't knooow... I think the Almighty just might have an affinity for the Spurs. Think about it. He knocked the Mavericks out. Those pesky Nuggets are gone. Now, we just need to finish off the Suns and determine if He's a bigger Bulls fan. Jeff Jordan IS going to play ball in college next year, after all. But, we do need to remember, that God loves all His children...
@id_pop (293)
• Philippines
8 May 07
Of course not. Do you seriously think God is a San Antonio Spurs fan? It'd be easier to believe if we were talking about the Greek gods and goddesses (who were known to take sides between the Greeks and the Trojans in their war). But the modern God? I think not, that's impossible. It's impossible because... he's a Detroit Pistons fan. Haha.
• Philippines
5 May 07
im a current spur fan.. i am a manu maniac... but in terms of God being a fan of a certain team, i think not.. no basis....
• China
3 May 07
i like the spurs espaciallly the tim,he awaylls do the the right things at the right time .i like the basketball,i like the spurs!